Totally 11-12 teams race at each regatta on the Baltic Match Tour. 10 teams participate on all three regattas and two national “upcoming” teams participate at each individual event.


For more information about the crew, click here!

Björn Hansen SWE 7      
Evgeny Neugodnikov RUS 8      
Keith Swinton AUS 19      
Phil Robertson NZL 21      
Peter Wibroe DEN 25      
Simone Ferrarese ITA 29      
Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi FIN 31      
Michele Perris MON 37      
Mati Sepp EST 73      
Mikael Lindqvist SWE 160      
Local Skipper Sweden          
Staffan Lindberg FIN 20      
Local Skipper Estonia  
Farokh Tarapore IND 39      
Robert Nyberg FIN 55      
Local Skippers Finland          
Robert Nyberg FIN 55      
Antti Luhta FIN 65      

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