Peter Wibroe winner of Gill Baltic Match Race in Stockholm

Danish sailor Peter Wibroe limited his errors, found the right path in the gusty and strong wind and won the finals in Gill Baltic Match Race against Staffan Lindberg, Finland, with a score of 2-1. The event was the first of the Baltic Match Tour, a new international Grade 2-match racing tour that is sailed nine days in a row in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn.

“We managed to find the right shifts in the wind and made great manoeuvres all day, which was necessary to be able to beat Hansen and Lindberg”, said a satisfied Peter Wibroe after the final race.

“The finals were exciting and we are very pleased with the event. Now we must keep our cool and focus for the upcoming races. Björn Hansen, the other organisers and all functionaries have don a very good job.”

Staffan Lindberg was pleased with his second place even though he had some problems with his starts.

”I have to make better starts to be able to beat Wibroe for the moment, ha sailed well and we were never close to catch up in the last race”, said runner up Lindberg.

Björn Hansen won the Petit Final against Frenchman Pierre-Antoine Morvan. Morvan took the start but Hansen managed to catch up by the first rounding. Morvan tried to cut Hansen off but received two penalties and hence lost the match and the third place.

When asked what kept Hansen from the finals he replied:

 ”We had some bad luck at the gateing in in the first race. A strong wind caught our spinnaker just a minute before the start, we had to pull it down and the incident caused a knot on our spinnaker at the first setting”, explained Björn, who still was satisfied with his final result. 

”Wibroe sailed well and I couldn’t find a spot to pass him.”

Hansen, who is one of the organisers of Gill Baltic Match Race, was very pleased.

Baltic Match Tour now aims for Helsinki and the final champion is then settled in Tallinn. 


Results Gill Baltic Match Race, Stockholm

1. Peter Wibroe, Denmark

2. Staffan Lindberg, Finland

3. Björn Hansen, Sweden

4. Pierre-Antoine Morvan, France


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